Marriage: I want flowers in my hair!

Marriage: I want flowers in my hair!

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Women have always liked to slide flowers into their hair. Delicate and fragrant, these day accessories enhance the hairstyle and create a surprise. For a wedding, but also for a cocktail or a summer party, fresh flowers are invited for a few hours between the wicks. But watch out for faux pas, floral hairstyle requires following a few rules ...

What fresh flowers slip through my hair?

The choice of flowers is undoubtedly the first step in a successful floral hairstyle! The flowers must of course have a good hold and do not wilt a few minutes after installation. Florists particularly recommend roses, freesias, orchids or even lisianthus. Almost dry, baby's breath is also ideal for adding volume to a bridal hairstyle without weighing it down. In all cases, flowers in the hair are avoided in the event of extreme heat, even if it means waiting until evening to slip a rose into her bun… For a wedding, the flowers in the hairstyle are also chosen according to the bridal bouquet, with a preference for white or cream pink flowers, symbols of purity. In order to remain elegant and poetic, the flowers will be rather small: it is better to avoid transforming into a flowerpot or to hide under an XXL chef's hat! You can also add leaves such as ivy, mint, eucalyptus, blackcurrant or raspberry leaves…

How to hold flowers in your hair?

To successfully hairstyle fresh flowers, there are several techniques. The crown of flowers, which is simply placed on the head, has the advantage that it can be removed at any time. Simple or sophisticated, it is the preferred choice of bohemian brides and all those who loved to make daisy wreaths when they were little! The hairdresser can also prick the base of the flowers with a snow pin before inserting them directly between the strands to create a hairstyle of perfect elegance. Some prefer to tie the flowers on metal wires to insert them in a braid like a hair pick, and others do not hesitate to camouflage a cotton pad soaked in water in the bun to allow the flower to hold longer. The barrettes and "headbands" on which a few flowers are held also play the card of simplicity for those who would like a more discreet floral touch.

Crown of flowers or flower barrettes?

How to make your own wreath?

If sophisticated hairstyles require the help of a talented hairdresser or a truly gifted friend, you can make the flower crowns yourself if you have the right equipment. Arm yourself with fresh flowers and foliage, pruning shears, fine wire and especially floratape, a florist's scotch tape to stick the flowers. Start by attaching the leaves, then the flowers all around the wire, or first compose small bouquets that you will attach next to each other. If you are tempted by the experience, this tutorial is magnificent.

The crown of flowers, the essential accessory for bohemian brides

And what flowers for the bridesmaids?

All the little girls in the world like to put cherries on their ears and flowers in their hair… So to fill your bridesmaids, also think of preparing little wreaths that are easy to put on and attach. Choose simple flowers, neither too fragrant nor too heavy, and fix them to a wire with floratape as for a crown, but by attaching the two ends to a ribbon to adjust the crown to the head of the child. With these little angels wearing flowers, your wedding should be unforgettable!

A gypsophila crown for cheerful bridesmaids!


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