8 forest-style decorative objects for your child's bedroom

8 forest-style decorative objects for your child's bedroom

1. A "deer silhouette" cushion

Does your little one love Bambi, fawns, hinds and deer? And if you made him happy by decorating his bed with one (or more) cushion bearing the image of the most majestic animal in the forest, AKA the deer? For a subtle forest-style decor, a few discreet cushions placed here and there in the bedroom will be just perfect!

2. A "fox" poster

It is impossible to imagine a child's room decorated in the forest spirit without a single decorative object representing the most cunning of woodland animals… the fox of course! If you opt for a "fox" frame, you will also be spoiled for choice between realistic images, foxes in origami mode, naive representations of child's drawing version ... The hard part will be choosing how you want to invite the goupil in your toddler's room!

3. Forest animal stickers

If your child is the type to change his passion every 15 days and he asks for a forest-style decor, be smart, and bet on a decor that you can easily remove overnight. Like for example stickers representing forest animals (bears, birds, etc.) that you can nicely display on a wall (or several), and which will be as easy to install as to remove!

4. A "wolf" soft toy

Along with the fox, the wolf is also an emblematic animal of the woods. This is why if you want a forest decoration for your child's room, it is completely unthinkable to zap the wolf from the bestiary. And to bring a little sweetness, if you opt for a wolf plush, very cute and very soft?

5. A "bear" height chart

It is well known, when they are small, children have only one obsession: to grow, and as quickly as possible! So to please your child, why not hang a "bear" board on one of the walls of his room, thanks to which he can follow his growth centimeter by centimeter? For a forest spirit decor that has everything great!

6. A "squirrel" teether

Because the decoration of a room is also played on the details, we love this teething ring and awakening game in the likeness of a pretty little squirrel that gives the impression of being in the heart of the forest. To associate with other wooden toys for a small collection "bestiary of the forest" which will inevitably have its small effect, in particular on a pretty white wooden chest of drawers.

7. A mobile "forest animals"

To put your child to sleep with music and gently, the mobile is a proven accessory. And in a forest-style room, you obviously need a mobile with owls, foxes and rabbits to be in tune!

8. An LED unicorn

In the forest bestiary series, we must not forget the unicorn, an imaginary animal that makes children dream so much! So to add a poetic note to your little one's bedroom, why not buy a little colorful unicorn decorated with LEDs, just to bring a little light and fantasy into the decor?