D-21: I choose my Christmas tree

D-21: I choose my Christmas tree

About 5 million trees are sold each year in France. Among these trees, there are 4 large species and not all have the same qualities. Between the different needles, smells, sizes ... choose the tree that suits you!


This species has long reigned in the living room of the French. Well balanced and of a beautiful deep green, the spruce gives off a good smell of resin and therefore Christmas. Its main defect remains that it easily loses its needles especially when the atmosphere is hot and dry.


Since 2003, this species has become the star of fir trees. The main strength of the Nordmann lies in its needles which it does not lose even long after being cut ... In addition, its slow growth gives it a harmonious silhouette. If it is bought in a pot, it is possible to replant it, but be careful… it can reach 8 to 10 m in height. Its only flaw: its absence of odor.

The Nobilis

Close to Nordmann, this fir tree also keeps its needles very well. Very soft to the touch, pleasant to feel, it has an original color composed of shades of blue. It is often used for wreaths and garlands.

The Omorika

This fir tree radiates by its beauty: it is slender, majestic, of a dark green. However, this species remains wild by its fragile branches which bear very badly the Christmas decorations which are too heavy for them. Our practical Christmas decoration videos