What bed linen in a blue room?

What bed linen in a blue room?

When renovating your room, you opted for blue on the walls. Good idea, blue is one of the flagship colors of the moment and it works very well in bedrooms. Now you ask yourself the question for your bed linen: no problem, we help you find the perfect colors to match.

Blue bedroom and yellow bed linen

Fancy a refreshing decor for your blue room? Why not opt ​​for yellow which will energize and wake up your blue. With such an association, you will get up every morning with a smile on your face. This choice of atmosphere will prove to be perfect for a young girl who steps into the adult world. All shades of yellow can work, but prefer blue in light tones for your walls.

A little air of spring !

Blue bedroom and orange bed linen

If you have chosen a muted shade like petrol blue, you can dare the opposite with fairly strong colors and charged prints. Please note, the mix will only work if your bed linen is the only strong item in your room. Otherwise, you risk overloading. It is a good solution to adopt when you do not know how to choose between its masculine or feminine side or when the parental room is debating. You can also alternate between a colorful cover for spring and summer and a more sober cover for other months.

The colors are celebrating

Blue bedroom and blue bed linen

It sounds obvious. Blue bed linen is a good option when the bedroom walls are also blue. By opting for different shades of blue, you will get a very serene and soothing atmosphere. In order not to turn monochrome, we combine everything with gray and white. These colors will complement each other perfectly, especially if your bedroom floor is parquet. This kind of jumpsuit fits without problems in a boy's room who dreams of adventures.

A blue room to dream of travel and escape.

Blue bedroom and gray bed linen

When you think of a blue room, the seaside atmosphere comes to mind. In this case, it is obvious that the bedding set in blue and white stripes is suitable, but is it really the right choice? If this motif still works, you can also modernize a seaside style bedroom with more current colors. Think for example of all these shades that are associated with the beach. The sand color as well as the pebble gray for your sheets will finish your maritime atmosphere very gently. Close your eyes, you hear the sea!

A mineral atmosphere for this blue room.