How to receive in a small space?

How to receive in a small space?

It is not because your home is small that you should deprive yourself of the pleasure of receiving! We do a little storage, we push the furniture, we put on some good music… It is not because we have a small space that we cannot accommodate large pumps. We give you some tips to get you out of it!

Large storage space before welcoming your guests

Your space is mini but you have to be able to move around easily! So we start by decluttering the space before the arrival of the guests! We put the old TV programs lying around on the coffee table for recycling, we put the old socks that are lying around in the dirty laundry basket, we collect plants and fragile objects high up - an accident quickly happens! Gather plaids, magazines that you want to keep and others in wicker baskets that you will place at the foot of your sofa: neither seen nor known and your living room is tidy! Remember to use the lost space - for example, collect your books or magazines in a stack under the coffee table or on top of your shelves. You can also invest in useful and well thought-out storage space to cover up your everyday bazaar - it won't be lost, even after your crazy evening is over! There are many multifunctional and compact pieces of furniture to store your belongings: some poufs contain storage chests and low tables open to hide bottles and dishes. The important thing is to receive your guests in a clean and tidy space: we take out the trash, we vacuum and mop, we clean the living rooms and we put an interior scent. How pleasant it is to arrive in a welcoming place!

Wicker baskets are perfect for camouflaging your little bazaar - or your cat!

To be good together

Who said you had to have guests on a 10-meter-long table? Adapt to your interior: you live in a studio and don't have a dining table? This is not a problem: why would you not organize an aperitif dinner on the coffee table in your living room? Nothing could be simpler: create space on your coffee table - during your aperitif, migrate your decorative objects in height. Also make room on your sofa - remove these cushions which are certainly very comfortable but risk a nice stain of red wine and may limit the number of places available on the sofa. You can hide your beautiful cushions in the wicker baskets we told you about above! If you run out of space on your coffee table, recycle a stack of magazines or a stool - make sure either one is stable, though - for a few extra snacks.

At Ikea, proof that you can have a convivial meal on your sofa and coffee table!

A nice table and a good meal

Finally, isn't that what you expect when you are invited? The goal is not to pass the apartment to the laser beam of the decorative judgment, but to have a good time with friends. Whether you eat on a large set table or on the coffee table in the living room for an aperitif dinner by multiplying the small seats around ... it is the company that counts. And the meal that goes with it. You love to eat in the kitchen, so bring your guests there! Do you prefer to eat buffet style? Get started! Being together in a cozy place is already won. So be sure to set up a nice table: depending on the theme of your meal, your mood for the day, try to find a guideline in the decor and the dishes. Matching dishes, a pretty tablecloth, flowers ... Are you preparing an oriental meal? Why not play the exotic card thoroughly: cushions around the coffee table, mint tea, candles and a stick of incense will make your guests travel. And if you are lucky enough to have an outside, terrace, loggia, balcony can be invested to receive your friends!

A small table certainly but a convivial table despite everything!

Host your guests for the night

On the sleeping side, if you don't have an extra bed or convertible sofa, there are many extra sleeping solutions: - an inflatable mattress that doesn't take up much space once deflated and always helps out! - a folding bed that you can store in the cellar if you have one; - a futon mattress: comfortable and practical, they can be rolled up; those for travel are also very compact and easy to store in a wardrobe - a fireside chair: ideal for a child but may also be suitable for an adult depending on the size of the latter; the fireside chair can also be used as a booster seat when folded. Do not hesitate, if you are not equipped, to ask around: your friends will be delighted to lend you an extra bed! In addition, remember to respect your guests' schedules by clearly discussing their bedtime and wake-up habits to ensure that they are not disturbed in an untimely fashion and that everything that is useful can be made available to them. The little extra thing? Pay little attention: family or friends will be delighted if you have a little personalized thought for them! Chocolate on their bed or sofa depending on where they sleep; a word of welcome; or something to keep the kids occupied if there are any, some books or toys and they will be happy like everything! And when your guests are there, be there. We don't spend all our time in the kitchen, we enjoy being together. In short: laugh and relax!