Color trend: chocolate to warm your interior

Color trend: chocolate to warm your interior

Both gourmet and refined, the chocolate color brings an exquisite touch to the interior decoration. One of its many qualities is to harmonize with various tones. It is therefore an easy to live color that warms the interior and puts balm in the heart.

Chocolate, the essential decoration color

The chocolate color is among the many browns that we like to introduce into our home for its ability to warm up the decor. Like cashmere brown (elected color 2018), chocolate goes perfectly with ocher, ivory, white, moss green, pale blue and many other colors. It evokes nature, brings elegance, delights as much in a rustic decor as in a very contemporary place.

A Zen touch with chocolate

In a bathroom, chocolate in small touches creates a Zen and relaxing atmosphere. This place reserved for well-being largely deserves this type of absolutely trendy tone. Place this gourmet brown near the ivory bath and sinks and match it with a moss green for an ultra natural touch.

A note of chocolate and powdery pink sweetness

The chocolate color intensifies the sweetness of a powdery pink. It is an association particularly well suited to a bedroom or an alcove intended for meditation. In addition to being relaxing, this sumptuous wedding warms the decor. Chocolate can be placed on a wall, doors or on the floor. But in a room with light coatings, bring these powder pink and chocolate notes thanks to the bed linen, a plaid or a carpet with a cashmere pattern.

The vegetable enhanced by the chocolate color

Highlight your houseplants, fresh flower arrangements and dried bouquets by sparingly placing a few chocolate-colored touches. It is an elegant way to bring nature into your cocoon. You can also green a chocolate wall by backing white shelves with plants or by hanging macrame and glass balls nicely decorated with plants with decorative foliage or multicolored flowers.

Pastel for deep chocolate

Associated with a pastel tone, the chocolate appears even deeper, but also warmer. You can pair it with parma, pale green or light blue or even a straw yellow or eggshell. The chocolate color also makes it possible to create depth when combined with a monochrome. In the living room, in the hall, in the office or in the kitchen, chocolate is a trendy color as vibrant as it is welcoming.

Chocolate accessories in all rooms

Whatever your tastes in terms of interior design and style, you can invite the warm notes of chocolate color to your home with small decorative items and furnishing fabrics. Interior decoration specialists offer you the choice of decorating each of your rooms in style. Treat yourself to kitchen utensils, vases, pottery, dishes, but also cushions, curtains and small furniture that will do wonders in a world where the warm accents of chocolate reign. If you want to enhance a very particular architectural detail, do not hesitate to emphasize it with a touch of chocolate color. Create a contrast with a lighter tone for a successful effect.