A magnetic board in one hour

A magnetic board in one hour


4 square or rectangular metal cookie boxes Household product for cleaning the windows 1 clean cloth 1 punch Old newspapers 1 spray of silver paint 8 countersunk head bolts and their nuts (3 x 15 mm) Medium metal wire


10 '- Preparation of the boxes Remove all the labels on the lids of the four cookie boxes. Thoroughly clean each of them with household cleaning product intended for window maintenance and a clean cloth.

15 '- Realization of the perforations

Observe the diagram carefully then, on two sides of each box, drill with a punch four holes of 5 millimeters in diameter and spaced 5 centimeters from the angles for the passage of the bolts. Also drill the six holes provided for hanging and passing the wire on two of the covers (see diagram).

For a good location of the modules, note on their backs a letter (A, B, C, D) before drilling them.

15 '- Application of spray paint

Place the four covers on newspapers, outside in windless weather. Apply the silver paint on the lids, including the edges. Wait for complete drying before handling.

20 '- Assembly

Put your work upside down on a soft surface, such as a fleece or terry towel. Attach the bolts and nuts. Pass a metal wire through the six holes provided for this purpose.


You can make a larger painting by increasing the number of panels. You can also paint each module with different colors. 20 Metal and wire objects © éditions Flammarion, 2004