The 1950s inspire wallpaper

The 1950s inspire wallpaper

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The beautiful “50s Line Papers” collection from Little Green showcases the patterns of wallpapers from the 50s. Light geometric patterns and pastel colors, welcome to the world of Madison Avenue of Mad Men. Little Green is committed to rehabilitating the patterns on old wallpapers. This time, the British house tackles the 1950s with the 50s Line Papers collection. For this, she collaborated with the Whitworth gallery in Manchester which keeps one of the most beautiful collections of wallpapers in England. In total, there are 8 motifs inspired by different currents of the 1950s, some of which were even produced by the artists collaborating with the manufacturer John Line & Sons, from whom the name of the collection is inspired. The universe is that of the post-war period which is blowing a wind of freedom and carefreeness after the dark years. It is a rehabilitation of the original patterns since they have been reworked while respecting the mood of the time. The colors also, while remaining in a range of pastels specific to the 50s. To discover in pictures…


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