Recycling: a villa made with urban waste

Recycling: a villa made with urban waste

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How to recycle urban waste and make it unrecognizable? Two designers, Yann Falquerho and architect designer Frédéric Tabary, had the idea of ​​creating a "waste villa" which will be built with 100% urban waste in less than 15 days. From October 20 to December 1, 200 volunteers will mobilize to build the waste villa on the island of Nantes. In partnership with Maisons du Monde, the villa will take shape from cardboard, metal, PVC, polystyrene, pallet, wood, fabric, paper, directory ... in order to give the word waste another dimension. The materials will, after transformation, be unrecognizable and made beautiful in an article in everyday life. The house will then be furnished, decorated and of course habitable. The nights will be auctioned off and the profits will be donated to associations of the social and solidarity economy. And the experience will last because we are already planning "waste villa" projects in Paris, Brussels and Marseille.


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