In the bedroom, powder pink is a must

In the bedroom, powder pink is a must

The right colors

Color of tenderness, pink has its place in this room dedicated to sleep but also to love! According to your tastes, choose it from the palest to the most sustained, if you dare! Contrary to popular belief, pink is not an eccentric color or difficult to bear. In the evening, combined with subdued lighting, it is the color of intimacy par excellence. In order not to make it kitsch, play a sober or design decoration, by associating complementary shades (green, off-white, mauve). The associations to favor: a cool shade to calm the strong presence of a warm color (a white bedspread in a yellow or orange room, for example, or vice versa).

Shades to avoid

White symbolizes purity in Western culture. Placing this color in a bedroom translates a certain amount of stripping, a tendency to withdraw and to loneliness, not conducive to emotional exchanges and lovemaking, especially if it covers the walls and the sheets. Black should be used sparingly, or only on a section of wall and associated with a soft and tender color like pink. Not very conducive to rest, the colors reminiscent of the fire element - orange-yellow, orange, red - can disturb sleep if they are present in excess. Better to avoid them, unless you reserve the role of counterpoint (by placing red cushions on a blue or purple bed, for example).