Six decor rules to bluff your friends

Six decor rules to bluff your friends

But where did you find that? It's great as a decor idea! These are phrases that we like to hear. Six golden rules. We can do this by spending reckless sums but also by being smart. With a few well-chosen accessories, you boost your interior without going through the over-indebtedness commission.

Rule # 1

: do a lot, but then a lot. To impress, we do not play on "small subtle touches". You have to dare the spectacular. We invite the most fashionable graphic designers to invest in the show. Result: whole walls, colored, electronic, produced by Mark Verhaagen or Ryan Cox. A visual uppercut, which transforms the living room into a mini museum of modern art. The Walls: 480 €. > More info on //fleux.com

Rule # 2

: have improbable parts. So, if everyone has cushions on their couch and lamps at their bedside, no one has light cushions. This poetic idea, we owe it to the Japanese designer Diana Lin. The designer says that she does not simply want to create products but gives emotions and brings joy and happiness with her products. Very Japanese, all that! And these cushions are as soft as they are bright. An absolutely new sensory experience. The D ° Light Huggable evokes a solar light that we could embrace. These are LEDs integrated in latex, whose texture almost reminds a living being. D ° Light huggable cushion: € 127. > More info on www.coliseum-shop.com

Rule # 3:

surf the news. For this, we stay on the lookout and we surf the trend. Thus, in Valérie's house, a bird's nest suspension that one would swear to have been made in homage to the most beautiful feat of the Beijing games: the Olympic stadium, designed by the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron. If necessary, we can even pretend that they are the ones who also designed this pendant light. Natural fiber Bowl suspension: € 55. > More info on www.lamaisondevalerie.fr

Rule # 4

: change everything without changing anything (or almost). We can't afford to change the furniture in our living room every year. So, to surprise you again, you can change without changing anything. Usually, we buy a can of paint and repaint. Not bad, but today, for barely more expensive, you can transform your fir table into a bamboo, lovewood or zebrano table, using self-adhesive stickers. You have to be precise and meticulous when you ask them, but the result is amazing. From € 8.30. > More info on //d-c-fix.com

Rule n ° 5

: make rich. Sometimes a truly glamorous accessory is enough to transform the spirit of a piece of furniture or an entire room. This is the reason why fur accessories are so popular. An ordinary sofa on which we throw a wolf plaid (imitation) becomes a sensual and luxurious nest in which we want to curl up. Faux fur throw 140 x 170 cm: € 72. > More info on www.delamaison.fr

Rule n ° 6

: play the awesome gadget card. Philips, with its Living Color, launched the fashion for lamps which, in a luminous ballet, decorate the interior with thousands of colors. The Japanese creators of Kyouei Design came up with the idea of ​​transforming your LCD TV into a lamp producing these same millions of colors in perpetual motion ... thanks to a simple DVD that plays in a loop. Awesome like the egg of Columbus. And when you particularly like a color, just press “pause”. Simple and awesome, we tell you. Color Light DVD: € 28. > More info on www.lateteaucube.com