7 corkscrews on the test bench

7 corkscrews on the test bench

A good corkscrew must be ergonomic, it must be able to remove the cork without tearing it and not need to be called Popeye! Invented at the end of the 18th century in England, the corkscrew acquired its letters of nobility in the 19th century. Its development is due to many more ingenious innovations than the others. Between his invention and the 20th century, nearly 300 patents were filed! Today the corkscrew is still being improved. So as not to get lost here are 7 models screened!

The screw corkscrew

Very simple, the screw corkscrew requires a certain physical strength and does not have an accessory to help extract the cork. In terms of decoration, it can take on various and original colors and materials.

The Sommelier corkscrew

Also called lemonade, this corkscrew is used by waiters in restaurants. Its advantage is that it combines the screw with two blades to pull out the plug. The risk is sometimes to bend the cap and this requires a minimum of forceā€¦

The corkscrew with fins

This corkscrew has two small wings on the sides which rise as the screw goes into the cork. Then simply lower the fins to extract the plug. Requiring a little force, this corkscrew is a compromise between the sommelier corkscrew and the lever corkscrew.

The lever corkscrew

Very popular in recent years, the lever corkscrew allows you to easily remove the cork without fear of twisting it. In three movements, the plug is removed without damage. On the design side, the colors are often sober and classic.

The air corkscrew

Ingenious, the air corkscrew allows you to extract the cork thanks to the pressure. Like a syringe, push the needle into the stopper and inject air by activating the pump ... That's it!

The bimetallic corkscrew

This corkscrew has no screws but two small blades to slide on each side of the cork. Then just pull by turning the corkscrew and the cork comes out with the blade without being drilled. The advantage lies in the lightness and simplicity of the product, without leaving any residue from the cork. However, sometimes you have to take the "helping hand". This model is rather recommended for old wines.

The electric corkscrew

The must of the corkscrew! This model requires no effort. Just place the corkscrew on the cork and press a button ... The batteries are usually recharged from the mains.