7 tips for doing good business during sales

7 tips for doing good business during sales

What happens twice a year and significantly increases our purchasing power? Or what makes whole crowds move in search of the favorite object? You guessed it, the sales are the key that finally gives access to certain desires that we have been keeping silent for a long time, for lack of sufficient budget ... And if the riddle has the merit of making you smile, no question about joking the subject ! Rigor and concentration are essential if you want to succeed in good deals during the various markdowns. The new decor projects at lower cost! Our tips and advice for smelling good plans before others, while respecting your budget. Ready, fire… go!

1. List your needs (and desires!)

© Freepik First, we start by going around the house. Piece by piece, we inspect, in order to define what we would like to change. On a sheet of paper, draw a central line to separate desires from needs. New covers for the sofa cushions, pretty plant pots for my green plants, new dessert plates… Without necessarily changing everything, we can already reinvent the space by accessorizing it differently. We also think of consumables , like light bulbs, or interior scent for example. Are your linens tired? It may be an opportunity to change it if the opportunity arises. We don't hesitate to take a look at the appliance department , where promotions can sometimes save pretty sums! We surround the priorities in order to stay focused on its main missions. Good idea to keep a clear mind on D-Day!

2. Realistically determine your budget

© Freepik Then comes the crucial moment: the question of finances! With a restful head, we establish a reasonable budget . No question of idealizing a tight budget by only hoping for sacrificed prices. What is needed above all is a realistic budget ! Indeed, if we manage to find certain articles at unbeatable prices, this remains relatively rare. Not to mention that this type of business is usually quickly assaulted! So better imagine average rates and remain flexible by providing for room for maneuver for the favorites. This will avoid some unpleasant surprises! To help, there are budget management smartphone apps like Bankin. A good point to spend smart.

3. Finding on the internet

© Freepik To be really effective during the sales, the key word is ANTICIPATION! It could not be easier ! Internet direction and its online shops open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No more running! We take the time we want, without pressure, to browse the virtual shelves. Without counting the exclusive transactions not found in stores! With the help of his little list, we save our products in a "wishlist" while making sure not to exceed the budget. On D-Day, all you have to do is place an order , very quiet from the house. And voila !

4. Learn about the targeted stores

© Freepik Before embarking headlong into the sales frenzy, it is essential to ask the right questions . What is the store's return policy? Does he offer a credit or a refund? What guarantees are affected by my product? Is the after-sales service reactive in the event of a problem? So many questions that we are entitled to have even if we are looking for promotions. It is not because the prices are sold out that the service must be minimum! On the other hand, we also think of find out about the opening hours of the targeted shops . It would be a shame to miss the start!

5. Start with private sales

© Freepik To avoid the rush of sales, many stores have set up private sales systems for their regular customers . Generally, reductions take place on future sale products. It's a little Christmas before time! And above all it allows you to still have a choice before the big battle! So the good idea is to subscribe to newsletters from your favorite stores in order to obtain discount coupons . Don't wait any longer to register, it may not be too late! In addition, it is also thanks to this indication that it is possible to make its statistics on what will be settled and what will not be… We haven't told you anything, okay?

6. Don't watch the new collection

© Freepik We will have warned you ... Absolute prohibition to look at the new collection! She is there, very beautiful with her charming airs, her nonchalant freshness and her trendy colors. Right next to the sale counter, you just have to reach out to grab it ... But no, we don't get fooled by marketing strategies , we resist (and we prove that we exist)! The new products have just been released, they are not ready to fly away anytime soon. Rest assured, there is usually restocking quite regularly. We will therefore have plenty of time to come back after the sales. Power and courage ! We stay focused on our objectives, and to help ourselves we look at the list.

7. Anticipate future purchases

© Freepik Finally, the sales are also a golden opportunity for anticipate future expenses ! The gifts birthdays of friends or family, but also different projects to plan in the house . Why not take the opportunity to take the plunge now that there are promotions? You are in the process of renovating the kitchen, whatever! If the bathtub you plan to buy next year is finally sold out, don't hesitate to get started. As they say, There are no small savings ! It only remains for us to wish you good deals for the future sales period which will be held from June 27 to August 7, 2018. So get your marks!