I created designer shelves with recycled materials

I created designer shelves with recycled materials

Making original and designer shelves at a lower cost is easy. The English designers of "zero waste design" show us the example with shelves made entirely of recycled materials: glass bottles and storage boards, enough to create this piece of furniture. To give a designer and trendy touch to your interior, follow the guide and easily make recycling shelves:

The material necessary for the construction of the recovery shelves

- Recovery boards - Old glass bottles, of the same model - Hooks type "cage tensioner" - A small diameter hole saw or a large drill for a drill

Steps for building shelves

- Sand the boards if necessary to remove any splinters that could injure you - Drill the holes in the shelves at the four corners of the boards using the hole saw or the drill. These holes will be used to pass the head of the bottles. - Once the holes are drilled, slide the head of the bottles into them. In this way, you have just created the first shelf of the furniture. Then put a board on the head of the bottles. - Repeat the previous step as many times as necessary depending on the number of shelves you want to create. - Then use the hooks to fix the shelves between them. - All you have to do is put away your books and trinkets! article translated from English: