Stay in a cabin in the middle of nature

Stay in a cabin in the middle of nature

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This summer, make the choice to leave differently and escape without necessarily going to the other end of the world. Perched at an altitude of several meters in a tree, housed in a hut, you will enjoy a breathtaking landscape while enjoying the goods made of nature. There is something for all tastes and all budgets: from 30 euros per night to 300 euros, choose your stay according to your desires and your budget. Explore nature and play "Robinson Crusoe" while experiencing life in total harmony with nature, without water or electricity. So, go to the playful wooden huts, apple-shaped or "Des folies d'Amédée" box. Located in Saint Pierre de Fursac in Creuse, in the Vallée des Moulins, you will discover funny cocoon huts imagined by the owner, Lucien Cassat. On the price side: count 30 euros per person for 24 hours. Information: or 05 55 63 62 18. The coziest of you will surely prefer the luxury version of the cocoon cabin to modern conveniences. Perfect for a "love love" stay! Les Ateliers de l'Image, located in Saint Rémy de Provence, offers a cabin suite housed in a plane tree. A dream setting takes shape in front of you thanks to its transparent glass facade which allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of the landscape. An ideal accommodation to enjoy an exceptional view of the Alpilles and for a romantic getaway, far from the turbulence of everyday life. On the price side, from 300 euros. Information: or 04 90 92 51 50 And for sports enthusiasts, you will like the Henri IV hut of the Graville huts in Seine et Marne. Sensation guaranteed since the cabin is nestled 8 meters high. You will thus reach your bed by a simple ladder, equipped with a harness. It is also possible to rent 3 other cabins perched at several meters above sea level (between 6 meters and 8 meters) in century-old oaks. Cabin package 2 pers. : 118.00 € / night with breakfast. More info on or Little extra to help you in your research: In addition to specialized websites such as or, take the guide "Unusual, quirky, unexpected Bed and Breakfast" by Marie-Dominique Perrin, Hachette editions at 16 euros. After traveling all over France, the author delivers all his good decorative addresses. A real complete work of 130 addresses of guest houses to spend holidays differently.


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