Colorful shopping for Candlemas

Colorful shopping for Candlemas

Next February 2, we will be celebrating candlelight. A meeting that brings young and old around the table every year. So to celebrate as it should be this day, here is a colorful shopping to equip and prepare delicious sweet or savory pancakes.

Before you start, do you know the origin of the candlestick?

In the Catholic religion, the candlestick or "Candlelight festival" is celebrated 40 days after Christmas, on the occasion of the presentation of Jesus at the temple. To honor this day, hundreds of candles were lit. Today, the tradition of candlestick is more associated with pancakes that are eaten with family or friends and which reminds us of the pancakes that the farmers prepared after winter sowing.

Until this day, celebrate the candlestick under the sign of color.

The brands compete in practical and decorative accessories. From the orange spoon rest (Guzzini) at 2.80 euros, to the citrus press with blue harmonies (La chaise Longue, 14.90 euros), passing by the essential blue stove which is very decorative (Ikea, 29 euros) , equip yourself as it should.

To do the same day

Sauté the pancakes with your right hand while holding a coin in your left hand, so as not to run out of money throughout the year. In these times, you never know, it might be worth a try!