Home Insurance: get daily support!

Home Insurance: get daily support!

La Banque Postale Home Insurance offers tailor-made solutions to support you in your daily life.

What assistance in the event of a disaster?

Prices and guarantees are among the determining factors in the choice of home insurance. However, there is another good reflex to have before taking out an insurance contract: taking into account the assistance services that are offered.
Damage to furniture following a water leak, broken windows, electrical damage, fire ... No one is immune to the unexpected! Thanks to its network of approved partners, La Banque Postale gives you all of its advantages (1) : transfer to the scene of the disaster, provision of temporary accommodation, search for providers for emergency repairs, care of your pets, concierge services, etc. Don't panic, La Banque Postale has thought of everything!

Stay zen in the face of everyday hassles

You want to undertake renovations, energy saving, decoration or maintenance to refresh your interior before the arrival of summer but you lack of time? Know that by subscribing a Home Insurance contract from the Postal Bank, you can benefit from "Daily Assistance"(1) apart from disaster.
On a simple phone call, you will be put in touch with specialists who will be able to advise you on the planned work. In addition to professional advice you will be able to make and compare quotes In addition, if you plan to sell or rent your accommodation, the "Daily Assistance"(1) can assist you in carrying out a property diagnosis.

The advantages of La Banque Postale Home Insurance
Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you can pay your insurance premiums monthly or annually. If you pay your premium all at once, you can benefit from the equivalent of a month's reduction on the annual premium of your contract.

To reward your loyalty, if you haven't had a claim for 3 years, you can benefit from a deductible bonus on your Home Insurance policy from La Banque Postale. Thanks to this advantage you will not pay the deductible during your next guaranteed loss (1) !
Our advice: No longer be afraid to carry out your real estate projects! Find out about the solutions offered by La Banque Postale.
LEGAL NOTICE (1)Within the limits and conditions provided for in the General and Special Conditions of your Home Insurance contract. LA BANQUE POSTALE ASSURANCES IARD - S.A. with a capital of € 136,440,000. Headquarters: 34 rue de la Fédération 75015 Paris. RCS Paris 493 253 652. La Banque Postale Assurances IARD delegates the management of assistance services to MUTUAIDE ASSISTANCE - S.A. with a capital of € 9,590,040. Headquarters: 8-14 avenue des Frères Lumière 94368 Bry-sur-Marne CEDEX. RCS Créteil 383 974 086. Companies governed by the Insurance Code.