The wicker basket, an essential decorative accessory!

The wicker basket, an essential decorative accessory!

Baskets in the entrance

A collection of baskets to decorate the entrance  

Notice to collectors of wicker baskets, this summer, you will be able to crack! Large or small, round or square, straight or flared, wicker baskets are exposed in the entrance, and the more there are, the better. Hanging on a hook, they seem ready to go to the market, for a picnic or a walk. But if they stay there, it's just as well, they bring an irresistible bucolic and feminine spirit to the entrance.

Baskets in the kitchen

Baskets invite themselves into the kitchen for a holiday air  

When placed on the kitchen table or counter, the wicker basket seems to have just returned from the market. We imagine it filled with fresh fruits and vegetables and delicacies to die for. And as it is there, it can stay there, and even hang on a kitchen wall or on the door handle to store tea towels, aprons, accessories and even fresh bread ...

Baskets in my room

In the bedroom, a simple basket immediately transforms the atmosphere  

In a holiday home, it can happen that the room lacks storage space. A few wicker baskets placed on the floor then elegantly replace a bedside table or a chest of drawers. The rest of the year, we keep these accessories in a country-style room to slip plaids, cushions, slippers and books…

Baskets and flowers

The basket, the ideal flowerpot we dream of all summer  

For a "young flower girl" style, the wicker basket duo with fresh flowers is absolutely essential. If you have to give the impression that you have just returned from a walk in the countryside (or a trip to the florist), better still use the basket as a flowerpot and slip a vase or bucket in it ! As a pot or hanging for a green plant, the basket also has a long life ahead of it…